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About Us

Yani is a musical powerhouse and immersive experience.

musicians behind the magic.


anna  (yani) yannessa

Lead Vocals

kaleef (leef) Hills

Bass & Programming

ben masuzzo


Darryl (DJ) Outen


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Meet us in depth.

Anna  "yani" yannessa

Lead Vocalist and Owner

Anna “Yani” Yannessa is an electric, captivating presence on and off the stage. 


Anna dreamed of being a professional singer since her toddler years. Her inspiration came from her professionally-singing mother, who she’d often join on stage to sing Landslide by The Chicks with. Anna’s childhood was heavily shaped by athletics, which engrained in her a will to succeed and determination she has carried into her professional development as an artist.


Anna studied classically at the University of Missouri and shortly thereafter joined forces with Vali Entertainment in NYC singing on the frontline, which led to the formation of her own band. Thru college and afterwards, Anna has taken contemporary study into her own hands, learning to adapt and thrive in multiple genres of music and musical settings as her environment sees fit. 


Anna exudes her love for music and people in every performance and leaves nothing behind. With her own band, creative freedom, and team of expert musicians/people by her side, Anna is spiraling up.  

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kaleef  "leef" hills

Bass and Programming

Kaleef “Leef” Hills is a self taught eclectic musician from Philadelphia who has the ability to adapt to every sound and genre. His approach to music is like no other and it comes with years of practice and study. By age of 5, Kaleef started his musical journey as a drummer being influenced by his family and being in church. Kaleef began to travel to various conferences at the age of 8 playing with well known amazingly talented musicians. As years went on Kaleef began to explore other instruments and became extremely gifted in playing piano, organ and bass and was inspired by other musicians he had great friendships with to help develop his sound. Kaleef took these skills and continued to perfect his craft as a teenager. He later began playing instruments for local artists and toured with well renowned recording artists and continues to do so present day. Kaleef also has had the role of Musical Director for many years for upcoming artists, recording artists and churches. Kaleef additional skills include music programming. Kaleef entered the Cover Band scene 8 years ago as a drummer and programmer and now as a Musical director and bassist. Transferring all his skills and experiences to bring in a new sound. 

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darryl "DJ" outen 


Darryl "DJ" Outen is a musician born & raised in the city of Philadelphia. As a child, he developed a love for drums from watching his father play in church. Growing up in a musical home, Darryl listened to gospel, jazz, fusion and classical music. As he grew older and enhanced his skills, Darryl was afforded many opportunities to play at various churches along with local artists and groups in the Tri-State area. Darryl is now bringing his skills to the world of cover bands and plans to catapult his name and career to the next level.

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Ben Masuzzo


Ben Masuzzo is a guitarist from Montclair New Jersey that enjoys playing his guitar on elevated surfaces. Growing up on the Beatles, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. he gravitated towards the electric guitar out of all the instruments in the musical household he grew up in. Currently a student at Stockton University, he decided that while his education was important, music was importanter (don’t worry, I didn’t actually drop out). After only about a year in the industry, he was fortunate enough to get picked up by Yani for this kick 4$$ band and can’t wait to party with all you beautiful people! 

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